Jean Paul Gaultier Goes Barbara Walters on Lady Gaga

If you think you know all there is to know about Her Lady of Pop, think again. On Monday, September 12, the inimitable Jean Paul Gaultier wears his reporter’s hat to interview the avant-goddess in a rare TV special, the duo’s first face-to-face meeting. Beginning at 8 pm on the CW channel, Gaultier by Gaga will give insight into Lady Gaga’s magical place in pop culture, her relationship with her “little monsters,” and her icon status.

“I like to liberate myself,” “I like women sexually,” and “I finally just stood up and took my clothes off” are some of the scintillating excerpts from the teaser video below. In one particularly candid moment, the heavily accented designer asks, “At some time, you took a lot of drugs?” to which the Gaga retorts, “Oh, yeah.”

The ballsy interview promises to be a rare moment in pop culture, an intersection of fashion and music, chic and drama.

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