What’s Your TYPE?

The word “type” can mean a multitude of things, from O+ to Times New Roman. Unorthodox Danish designer Henrik Vibskov has a new definition—no surprise there—for his new unisex fragrances, TYPE.

The series consists of three scents that capture the essence of three cities: Berlin, Copenhagen, and Damascus. TYPE B embodies a cold winter’s day in Berlin, with cozy notes of cedarwood, black pepper and coal tar. That’s right, coal tar. TYPE D, meanwhile, evokes the colorful marketplaces of a hot summer’s day in Damascus, Syria, with a blend of spice, citrus, and florals, as well as ginger bread and tonka bean. The most personal of the three is TYPE C, named after Vibskov’s hometown of Copenhagen, a mix of citrus (bergamot, mandarin, lemon) and a mysterious “sea breeze” aroma, a heady concoction of salty air and seaweed.

The eaux de toilette come wrapped in a knitted, sock-like container. Available at the designer’s flagships in Copenhagen, Oslo and New York.

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