If Valentino’s Life Becomes a Broadway Musical, Who’ll Play the Pugs?

He lives a life more opulent than Liberace’s, so it makes sense that Valentino may finally get his own song-and-dance treatment. The legendary designer, whose full name is Valentino Garavani, revealed in an interview with Italy’s La Repubblica that he’s toying with the idea of producing a Broadway musical about his life.

Garavani let the sensational bit of news slip when asked about the cult-hit documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor, the 2008 documentary that followed the couturier and his longtime partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, as they bickered their way to the house’s 45-year retrospective. And though he didn’t dish any more details, based on the juicy cameo possibilities alone—Lee Radziwell high kicks! Karl Lagerfeld jazz hands! Joan Collins conga line!—the show would most definitely be a glamour extravaganza.

As for casting, George Hamilton seems a natural to play the lead—he’s has been practicing his Valentino glow for decades, after all—but the real question remains: Who’ll play the pugs?

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