Nothing But Hurricane Talk on Twitter

With Labor Day and Fashion Week just days away, Hurricane Irene barreling up the coast has thrown a giant wrench into final summer plans and, of course, show prep. Here, fashion peeps on Twitter share their thoughts, to-do lists, and survival plans (lots of booze, obvs)…

I wish I had over the knee wellies with a heel

Don’t forget to stock up on the essentials – bread, water, MJ umbrellas & rainbows! Come on Irene!

Thank god for the hurricane; I didn’t really know what I was going to do with the year supply of vodka I have stored under my bed.

There won’t be any NYC public transit, but will WorldNet still be delivering? #fashionproblems #hurricaneirene

Call ur dealer! #todolist

Reminded of blackout, when NYMag staff walked down 13 flights w only Joanna Coles’ $90 Carolina Herrera scented candle to guide us #irene

Dear Grace, if Resort look 40 is not on your rack by Monday am, please call #Irene. Thank you, DKNY PR GIRL

My weekend (hurricane) plans: Hot cream mani & chocolate pedi @BlissSpa, online shopping @BarneysNY & a delightful dinner on the town…

Overheard: “What are you doing for the hurricane?” “Ryan Reynolds.”

C’mon Irene! Good excuse for a baking weekend. Carb time!

We stocked up all of our whiskey bottles and beer kegs in Milk Digital’s whiskey bar. We are officially prepped for a hurricane.

Guess #Irene isn’t going to let me move into my apt this weekend. Escaping the city.. Heading home to Jerzzz

Survival kit: @makersmark, eyeliner and @popchips

Spending last Summer Friday hightailing it out of NYC.  #Irene #thanksbutnothanks

Overheard in the office: “Are you sure we don’t still have those life vests in storage?” #Irene #hurricane

How do they come up with the names of these hurricanes?

Eco friendly, battery free flashlight and new panini machine! We are set!!!

Go to karaoke this weekend – there’s plenty of windowless rooms to hide out in.

Egg whites and spinach is a rather un-delicious start to the day. A poor excuse for breakfast especially if it is your last before the Hurricane

Oh grand. @target has water. No flashlights but there are LED-candles. Told the pr girls to take our @NEST_Fragrances stash… #irene

Looking forward to getting through the #hurricane with Kate Moss (aka just bought the giant September issue of @voguemagazine)

NYC! before your zone gets flooded into oblivion, check out waterworks of a different sort in Beyonce’s new video.

#hurricane irene is a blowhard. She is really putting a dent into the show prep this weekend.

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