Vogue’s New Suffix

In these modern times, we Wikipedia everything: the gist of a book you never read, side effects of your new prescription, background info on the band dude you’ve started dating. And now, for things fashion-related, there’s a new pedia: Voguepedia.com.

Further cementing its fashion authority-ness, Vogue has launched the encyclopedic resource to document the world of designers, models, actors, it-girls and more. But don’t expect to find any dirt here (after all, there’s Page Six for that). Voguepedia only chronicles people and places as they relate to Vogue; for instance, the first time someone appeared in the glossy, notable spreads over the years, a career timeline before making it into Vogue, you get the idea. Think of it as a sexy librarian.

There are only a few dozen entries so far, but we expect it’ll grow exponentially in the coming months. Is Voguepedia the new measure of one’s arrival? Guess we’ll find out.

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