Lady Gaga as Santa Claus—Why Not?

If the suddenly nippy weather is any indication, it would appear Christmas is already near. Only a few weeks back we were getting our coffee extra iced and now, well, now seems the perfect time to announce Barneys’ holiday collaboration with Lady Gaga.

It’s called Gaga’s Workshop, which, let’s face it, sounds like it could be a year-round event, but in fact it’s her interpretation of Santa Claus’ place of employment in the North Pole. With the help of Eli Subrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of Assume Vivid Astro Focus, as well as Gaga’s omnipresent stylist Nicola Formichetti, it’ll surely evoke some goullish, fantastical interpretation of an otherwise idyllic Yuletide scene.

Barneys will dedicate an entire floor to the neoteric dramatization, while also displaying surreal installations in its Madison Avenue windows. Together with some Gaga’s Workshop-branded bags, packaging and gift items, we imagine it’ll be more reminiscent of Tim Burton than jolly old what’s-his-name. But wait, what do you leave out for Lady Gaga to snack on?