Has Hollywood Come Knocking for Patti Smith?

It was only last year that the Godmother of Punk released her memoir, Just Kids, a deeply sentimental recollection of her influential relationship in the 60s and 70s with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who passed away at the turn of the 90s. If you haven’t read it, we highly recommend you do so pronto, if not sooner.

Now comes word that Patti Smith’s tome is garnering Hollywood attention. Tony-winning producer John Logan, the mastermind behind Oscar-nominated films Gladiator and The Aviator, is reported to have begun collaborating with the 64-year-old punk poet and visual artist on a screenplay based on the book. The picture takes on new urgency with the recent news that the Chelsea Hotel has been sold.

Appropriately, the film world is abuzz with speculation as to who’ll play Smith, with some pundits going as far as to propose Cate Blanchett, but most settling on ingenues Kristen Stewart and Kat Dennings. It’s hard to imagine anyone in Smith’s role, and we can’t think of another biopic that comes close to resembling the relationship between she and Mapplethorpe. A stretch would be Sid & Nancy. In other words, get the book.

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