Money Where Your Mouse Is: Bl33n

What happens when you lift the front of your T-shirt over your head? You show flesh. Which is why, for a good month now, we’ve been ogling Bl33n, a playfully sexy new T-shirt project by husbands, photographers, and flesh-lovers Donovan and Matthias Vriens-McGrath. You’ve no doubt seen the latter’s work—basically, art masquerading as porn and vice versa—in any number of alterna-mags, mostly in European countries without tired hang-ups over sex.

On Bl33n’s website, models coyly lift their shirts, et voila! Boobs for the guys, and lean male torsos for the girls and gays, all shot by the lewdsome twosome. But while nudity clearly plays into the concept, an image of a cute monster’s face on the inside of the shirt also appears, covering the face like a mask. That’s also loads of fun. And for the exhibitionists among you, you’re encouraged to buy a shirt and submit your own nudies. 

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