Amy Winehouse and Alexander McQueen Didn’t Get Along

In the wake of Amy Winehouse’s untimely death, questions have been swirling, some of which are beginning to be answered.

For those wondering what will become of the singer’s collaboration with Fred Perry, the label has decided, with the blessing of the Winehouse family, to go ahead and release the fall 11 and spring 12 collections. The royalties and fees from both will be donated to the soon-to-be-established Amy Winehouse Foundation, to which Fred Perry will also make a seasonal donation.

And for those wondering why the beehived one and Alexander McQueen weren’t thick as thieves, when their larger-than-life personalities would suggest otherwise, the answer goes back to 2006, when he apparently offended her at a party, for which she never forgave him. Says Winehouse’s friend Archie Reed in Daily Mail, “When she received a £15,000 Alexander McQueen frock [to apologize], Amy put it on the barbecue. She and Lee didn’t get on…She also spat on one of his dresses at Selfridges, which she had to pay for because she had soiled it. At first she refused, then she just said, ‘Fine, but tell Alexander McQueen I ruined his dress,’” he recalls.

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