Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars Are Making It Official

Meeting in 1999 while recording the soundtrack for her cult classic The Virgin Suicides, Sofia Coppola and rocker boyfriend Thomas Mars announced today they’re getting hitched.

The director and lead singer of the French band Phoenix will wed August 27 in her grandparents’ Italian hometown of Bernalda. The civil ceremony will be held at Palazzo Margherita, a historical building that Coppola’s father, Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola, bought and renovated a few years ago. Adding to the scenery, Coppola’s great-nephew, Gaetano Russo, plans to screen scenes from the father’s and daughter’s famous films on facades around the small village.

That’s all very nice, but clearly the most important detail is who’ll design the wedding dress of the bride-to-be. Will it be a custom gown from bestie Marc Jacobs, who chose her as the face of his first fragrance and had her to design a Louis Vuitton bag collection, but who’s kept conspicuously mum on the subject? Chances are, no. The odds-on favorite appears to be Azzedine Alaïa, a consensus stemming from the Somewhere director’s attendance at Alaïa’s couture show in early July, accompanied by her daughter with Mars.

We wouldn’t, however, advise ruling out John Galliano, who designed Coppola’s dress for her first wedding to Spike Jonze, even if it’s a long shot. At the very least, we can look forward to a summer of guessing games.

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