Land of Milk and Vuitton

Its monogrammed leather goods may have long served as a flashy status symbol for everyone from the Real Housewives to Gloria Arroyo, but now Louis Vuitton has come up with something even money can’t buy: honey. Turns out the roof of its Paris headquarters has been doubling up as a nesting site for three A-grade hives and some 200,000 bees since 2009.

Now, two years later, the fruit of the label’s labor has debuted to high society under the name La Belle Jardiniere. And there won’t be any paparazzi shots of it getting down and dirty with an organic wheat bagel either, because limited quantities of the haute honey will only be presented as gifts to friends of the house. We can’t wait for imitators to start churning out inspired-by versions, so we can spread it over our frozen waffles. 

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