Another Crazy Career Move from James Franco

James Franco may have made his craziest career move yet. The actor-musician-artist has teamed up with the art duo Praxis and PS122 director Vallejo Gantner to peddle “the idea of art” through a Kickstarter project called the Museum of Non-Visible Art. According to the brief on the public-funding website, the museum “is an extravaganza of imagination, a museum that reminds us that we live in two worlds: the physical world of sight and the non-visible world of thought. Composed entirely of ideas, the Non-Visible Museum redefines the concept of what is real. Although the artworks themselves are not visible, the descriptions open our eyes to a parallel world built of images and words. This world is not visible, but it is real, perhaps more real, in many ways, than the world of matter, and it is also for sale.”

The project has smashed its $5,000 goal, which means it’ll go through as planned and its donors will receive an imagined short film by Franco, based on William Faulkner’s short story Red Leaves. So, if we call paying rent an art project, can we get it funded through Kickstarter too, please?

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