Christian Louboutin Outdoes Himself with Ballet Stilettos

You could walk a mile in Christian Louboutin’s ruby-red soles—and you’d better, for the price you pay—but his latest creation defies musculo-ambulatory possibilities. The limb-lengthening wizardry of Louboutin shoes have earned them an Oz-like acclaim among celebrities.

Now Louboutin has decided to put his good name toward a good cause, joining forces with the English National Ballet to produce a one-off design inspired by classical dance, a ballet slipper with a stiletto heel. Swathed in flesh-colored silk and Swarovski crystals, the Louboutins’ crowning glory are eight-inch heels (topping the brand’s tallest stiletto by a good two inches) that position the feet at near-vertical angles, executable only by professional ballerinas.

The ballet stilettos were commissioned as part of a silent auction to benefit the English National Ballet, a showcase that also includes exclusive pieces from Erdem and Agent Provocateur. We’ve seen our fair share of fantastical footwear over the years—Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo booties or Lady Gaga busting out those crazy Noritakas, along with a couple of tendons, surely—but even their eccentric ergonomics pale in comparison to this. 

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