Money Where Your Mouse Is: Balenciaga

The first thing you notice on Balenciaga’s just-completed website redesign is a large-scale video—almost as large as your computer screen—of its fall ’11 campaign shoot. Bright to the point of shadowless, the tightly edited clip merrily bops along for minutes on end, culminating with the final still images of the campaign. This is the confident, transparent, optimistic message that the house, and creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, would like to convey as their embrace of the brave new digital world gets ever more snug.

We almost didn’t want to give you the news, because, most importantly, the site features an online store for Frenchies (joining the U.S. and UK markets), and we didn’t want to be wearing the same Balenciaga dog-print sweater as Gallic gals, who already have first dibs on so much. And you can imagine the speed at which Balenciaga’s e-store will have their latest collections available.

In addition, the site—divided into six sections: Collections, Clothing, Accessories, Fragrance, La Maison Balenciaga, Boutiques—will feature over 200 videos and 3,000 images, ranging from historical (dating back to Cristobal Balenciaga himself) to inspirational, and worn by runway models. Can we breathe now?

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