More on David Lynch’s New Paris Nightclub, Silencio

If there’s one thing that the early days of Olivier Zahm’s blog taught us, it’s the importance of being photoged at the right Paris club while broodily smoking a cigarette, with your top around your waist like it’s no big deal. And unless you’re a Parisian mondaine, you’d have an easier time trying to find a woman in a hijab than the rue where the party’s at.

Fine, it’s 142 rue Montmartre. (But don’t show up until after 12 pm, because until then it’s cardholders and their guests only; otherwise, you might have to pull a Garance Dore and snap the guests on their way in.) That’s the address for Silencio, the David Lynch-designed nightclub we reported on earlier, once home to two of Paris’ most influential leftist newspapers. Now it appropriately houses a mirrored dance floor, so the likes of Zahm no longer have to get on all fours for the money shot.

The 2,100-square-foot space also includes a 24-seat cinema curated by MK2, a cocooned sitting lounge and an art library. Each room has been customized to reflect Lynch’s visual aesthetic—although we can’t fathom how that would be done without the help of hallucinogens. However, with Lynch even designing the furniture—including asymmetric black-leather seats, carpeting and ergonomic cinema seating—we’re sure we’ll get the gist, and the jest, of it.

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