Hooked: Prada

Croc. The word alone conjures images of ultimate luxury or, in stark contrast, those unfortunate-looking pieces of so-called footwear. In this case though, we’re talking the former.

Prada has just released an exclusive line of bags made from the highly sought-after reptilian leather. The beyond-luxe pieces, presented in two styles and in wear-with-everything shades of black, navy and cherry red, are available only at the Madison, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas stores. They also feature a detachable mini-clutch for those nights when you want to take your new croc out for a bit of night-crawling.

The limited edition bags, which are lined in soft nappa leather, even come come with a metal tag stamped with your unique number, in case you need to be reassured of the exclusivity you paid for. Speaking of—or rather, whispering—we’re told price is available upon request.

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