Juun J Men’s

South Korean rising star Juun J presented his spring collection with the same conceptual elegance we’ve grown accustomed to. The show started with beautiful clean suits, but on models who looked like slightly feminine, well-dressed versions of Spock. Palette-wise, the collection consisted of three main colors—black, white and beige— combined endlessly, usually with golden accents on the wrists, collars and sides of blazers and coats. Speaking of, his legendary trench coats were, as to be expected, magical—yet leaner than their predecessors. The cohesiveness of the collection showed, once again, that Juun J knows what he’s doing and what he’s capable of.

At one point, the music stopped. As it started back up again, a round of applause erupted from the audience. No one expected to see a row of color-blocked raincoats—yellow, green, blue, gray, purple, gold—strutting down the runway. The standing ovation lasted forever, but was probably more like three minutes. 

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