Tobias Wong’s Posthumous Candle and Tribute to Newsprint

The Grey Lady. Those words alone hardly sound like a thing of beauty. But to designer-artist Tobias Wong, who tragically passed away last year, the dignified but less-than-seductive nickname of The New York Times was of great inspiration nonetheless.

Wong, best known for his provocative work in appropriating everyday objects and imbuing them with usually salacious meaning, dreamed up the idea of a newsprint-scented candle based on his admiration for the institution. While in the works, it never came to fruition—until now. Wong’s close friends-collaborators Various Projects and Josée Lepage of Bondtoo gallery, have realized the Times of New York candle in a limited edition of 1000 ($65 at Project No. 8).

With notes of guaiac wood, cedar, musk and a mystery “powdery note,” the candle actually does give off the aroma of fresh ink on paper. Just don’t ask us to find the crossword puzzle.

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