Hooked: Comme des Garçons

As its name implies, Comme des Garçons is synonymous with androgynous, Stygian clothing. So it has us a little dumbfounded that a new mini-exhibit of Rei Kawakubo’s jewelry collection is anything but virile. We’re talking pearls, people! Pastel-colored pearls!

It’s not just the pearls that have us discombobulated, but also the giant heart- and bowtie-shaped pearl clusters that hang from some of the necklaces. But let’s take a breather here because we don’t mean to insinuate that these pieces are kitschy. On the contrary, they’re made from handpicked natural pearls from the Pacific Ocean and the best-quality cultured pearls from Japan, in shades ranging from white to pale pink to black (£565 – £18,000).

Perhaps this is an ironic jab at the notion of fine designer bijoux. Either way, we’d like to get our scrawny necks inside a pair. While the Comme des Garçons Pearls line was unveiled in 2006, this exhibit at Dover Street Market (through June 29) is the first time all the pieces have been shown together. Clutch pearls! 

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