Carine Roitfeld Launching a New Fashion Magazine Is the Latest from the Paris Rumor Mill

Carine Roitfeld’s every coming and going still holds the fashion world in rapt attention. A new rumor about her post-French Vogue plans seems to hatch every other day—and of course most of them should be left well enough alone.

This one, however, appears plausible. We’re getting word that the style savant and kohl-eyed bundle of energy is involved in a new fashion title, focused mainly on young talent. While reports were bandied months ago that she was in talks to head up a French version of Harper’s Bazaar, the twist here is this new magazine would be independently published. If true, without the appearance of objectivity required by a large publishing company (such as Condé Nast), she’d be free to pursue extracurricular gigs—i.e. styling for Chanel—as they’d pose no conflict of interest. And that, compared to magazines, is where the serious kerching is.

We hope this morsel of speculation does in fact come true; she’d make, and has already proven herself to be, a champion of young designers. In related news, her autobiographical tome from Rizzoli, Irreverent, is scheduled for release in October. We’ve seen the full layout and can tell you that the pictures alone (which, actually, make up most of the book) will cause your head to explode in millions of pieces.

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