Just the Pics, Please

Work in Progress (Steidl)—a survey of Karl Lagerfeld’s photographic oeuvre, from his first dabbling with a camera in 1987 to his most recent, highly polished images—has finally been published in English, following the sold-out French version, Parcours de Travail, which accompanied an exhibition in Paris last year.

Observing Lagerfeld’s photos together, in book form, it’s clear to see his preoccupation with reinventing the work of other artists and writers, in particular Oskar Schlemmer, Fritz Lang, Lyonel Feininger and Alexej von Jawlensky—leading to experimentation with algraphy, serigraphy, resinotypes and sepia prints. Lagerfeld is nothing if not a visual scientist. Fashion designer, yes. Visual scientist, even more.

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