Daphne Guinness Is “Completely Normal”

We all have our own ways of dealing with the stressors of daily life, be it twice-weekly visits to the shrink or a Zoloft addiction—or rather, prescription. But for Daphne Guinness, fashion’s favorite eccentric, it’s not that simple. In Daphne’s Window, a new video by documentary filmmaker Brennan Stasiewicz, Guinness, who claims to be shy, says she uses fashion as her “armor.” We presume, in some cases, she means it literally. In the short film, we get a rare, intimate look into the heiress’s world as she prepares for her recent installation in the windows of Barneys New York, a performance art piece in which she dressed for the Met Gala, honoring her friend Alexander McQueen, later that night. It’s a fascinating peek into a fascinating life that, in her words, is “completely normal.”

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