New music for the one-track-minded…

“Julius” — Starfucker

A cross between MGMT and Cut Copy, Portland band Starfucker used to make highly cheeky songs, as their name not-so-subtly suggests. The gender mash-up of by their remix of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun—a very girly song, but sung by boys, and lethargically—has made for plenty of knee-slapping good times. In fact it’s still in constant rotation on our iPod. Starfucker’s new album, Reptilians, is even more puerile, but far less camp. This track, Julius, appears to be about a suburban boy-knight saving a damsel in distress—with swords and all. It’s cutesy, two-synth goodness, as is the whole album. You’ll be bopping around to it all summer.

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