Kenneth Cole Goes to the Gutter for a Good Cause

Kenneth Cole’s new T-shirt for the Human Rights Campaign, in support of gay marriage, might be the raunchiest slogan tee we’ve ever seen. As usual with the designer’s punny slogans—with their comical word play, double entrendres, spoonerisms, etc.—some mental reshuffling of the text is required. The slogan this time, “Take Your Lover Up the Aisle,” is particularly tricky. We’ll give you a hint, in the form of a question: What word is similar to aisle, phonetically speaking? Yes, it’s coming, yes, yes…aha! Is that not the most vulgar, lewd, abominable slogan ever? Absolutely. Do those three qualities make it our favorite thing in a very long time? Absolutely! Get yours here, they’re only $35.

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