Need to Get From The Standard Hotel to East Hampton Pronto? André Balazs Has a Plane for That

For every rich hotelier, there are hundreds of socialite groupies. The Standard Hotel’s André Balazs knows this, which is probably why his new StndAir charter service—in a cute amphibious aircraft, no less—between New York City and posh East Coast getaways (think Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Hamptons), has only eight seats. And presumably one of those is for the pilot.

From today to October 10, StndAir takes off from 23rd Street and FDR Drive to any destination within 300 miles of the city. The “airline” offers scheduled one-way flights for $495 or, if you can’t be bothered to sit with seven other travelers (we know how annoying that can be), you can just charter a private flight to East Hampton for $2975. There’s also a booking system where the first person to buy a seat gets the cheapest fare and the cost goes up for every seat thereafter. But let’s not get lowbrow here. If you’re going to Martha’s Vineyard, you may as well foot the bill for your friends, too. Just make sure you save some of Balazs’ reserve of Rosé, served in flight (as well as Swedish Fish and StndAir branded water), for yours truly.

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