A Rarity, Yohji Yamamoto Opens Up in a New Documentary

“For my total life, I am comfortable being in black, not in the light. I was born in Tokyo, after bombs. So maybe this is my root, a ruined Tokyo. This dark side of the life is attractive for me, forever.” That’s the beginning of This Is My Dream, director Theo Stanley’s fascinating documentary on the life, times and work of Yohji Yamamoto.

If it seems like a rarity, it is. But you’ll have to wait a little longer to see it, as the film won’t be released until later this year. However, to commemorate a decade of Y-3, the designer’s sporty collaboration with Adidas, the film will be screened this week at the Tribeca Grand. Forgive us for not giving further details, but if you’re savvy, and of course you are, you’ll know who to contact.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer…

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