Matt Groening’s Comic Relief for Comme des Garçons

The collaboration between Comme des Garçons PLAY and Matt Groening—specifically his pre-Simpsons comic strip, Life in Hell, and its characters Binky, Sheba, Akbar and Jeff—arrives in stores throughout the month of May (see images here for dates). Here’s a cute little Q&A that someone at Comme did with Matt: 

Comme des Garçons: What on earth is it about Comme des Garçons that persuaded you to agree to these T-shirts? 
Matt Groening: I met Comme des Garçons through my artist friends Mondongo and liked their wit and audacity. I was aware of Kawakubo and her work as a powerful avant garde designer but I never thought my silly work of cartoons and her fashion would ever coincide. 

CDG: What would Binky & Sheba think of Comme des Garçons?
MG: Binky would be baffled and Sheba would love it. 

CDG: Do you think Akbar and Jeff would be inspired by Comme des Garçons or vice versa?
MG: Akbar and Jeff could move into Comme des Garçons and live happily ever after. They would love everything there whether it was for men or women.

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