Hooked: Dior Homme

With the price of gold soaring in the past few weeks, you could defend the sweeping argument that a pair of 18k solid gold aviators is a sound investment. But like you needed an excuse to hoard Dior Homme. These Gold 01 shades, suggesting more to come, are handcrafted in specialized Japanese ateliers and stamped with the trademark CD logo, a nod to your ritzy taste in eyewear.

Thing is, now the price of the precious metal has dropped again, perhaps a better justification for procuring a pair is this: you’d be one of only 50 people in the world to have one. Yup, if you don’t believe us (we can’t fathom why you wouldn’t), each pair comes numbered. Sometimes, all that glitters is gold.

Available in July in Europe and the U.S., €5,500 (around $7,750)

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