A Store Is Born: Patron of the New

Many a tear was shed when the Japanese men’s label Number (N)ine shut its doors two years ago, personalizing the loss with a letter. But at least one silver lining has emerged. The label’s press director, Al Abayan, has just opened a store of his own, Patron of the New. Mysterious name, yes, and new men’s and women’s labels indeed. So new, in fact, you may not have heard of some: No Editions, Gustavo Lins, John de Risi, Blancha, Établissement. But others you surely have: Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Thimister, Siki Im. With that kind of roster, and with a curious name, in a conceptual space in the confusing part of Tribeca, it’s almost like Number (N)ine never left. Patron of the New, 151 Franklin Street

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