Lanvin Hosts a Surreal Soiree in Milan

The French artist Sophie Calle once had an entire book written about a dinner party she once threw. Grégoire Bouillier’s memoir The Mystery Guest recounted his evening as an anonymous invitee at her infamous birthday fete.

Few parties could evoke such intrigue, but on the evening of April 14th, Lanvin may have delivered one such feast. To celebrate the opening of its first Italian boutique, Alber Elbaz hosted a surreal soiree at the Quadrilaterro della Moda on Via Della Spiga, Milan. Replicating Lanvin’s more memorable boutique windows, the focal installation looked more like a well-heeled bacchanal, complete with confetti,  toppled chairs. Mannequins robed in Lanvin cocktail attire could be found in all states of revelry—aka passed out—on a long table. The tableau was reminiscent of the last few less-than-dignified hours of what had been a refined affair, complete with confetti, chair-straddling and a tablecloth dragged clear off one corner.

With guests including Franca and Carla Sozzani, Margherita and Teresa Missoni, Anna Dello Russo, and Monsieur Elbaz himself, we can only imagine how the rest of the evening went down.

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