With Lady Gaga as a Client, Charlie Le Mindu Isn’t Just Any Hair-Raising Wigmaker

Not many people have a client list that includes Lady Gaga, the new Rapunzel at Disneyland Paris, and “rich old ladies with blue rinses,” but Charlie Le Mindu isn’t like many people. The French-born wig guru cut his teeth as a hairstyling denizen of Berlin and East London nightclubs before launching a wig collection and eventually a fashion line, which he’s shown at London Fashion Week. Known for his outrageous, madcap style, Le Mindu is constantly pushing the limits of decency, whether staging a runway show featuring completely nude models or concocting a human-hair outfit that would make Cousin Itt do a double-take. Hairwith, a Q&A with le haute coiffeur…

You’ve worked with Lady Gaga and Peaches. Is there anyone else you’d love to team up with?
Of course Cher, the goddess of wigs. She is the queen! I’d like to be a little mouse and look in her wig collection.

What headpiece would you wear to the royal wedding?
I’m wearing a nice hat with “ROAST BEEF” written in giant letters and long blond ponytails in the back.

Your last two shows featured nudity and fake blood, respectively. How do you plan to top that?
There is nothing to top naked girls, as girls are beautiful!

Name one movie, one book, one song, and one person that are inspiring you right now.
Cry Baby, Bible of Satan, “Love of My Life” by Queen, Grace Coddington.

What do you say to critics who say your shows are all shock?
To start with, I’m not trying to shock anyone. I just do what I think is fun, but also works with the mood I’m in. If I’m depressed, my show is going to be done with lots of hate. If I’m happy, it will be bright. It really depends on the result that I want, but if some people said it’s too shocking, it may be one of the reactions I wanted. So that means it’s a compliment.

What’s the worst thing about cutting hair?
I love everything about hair, though the worst is when I shave someone and little hairs are going into my finger like spikes. That hurts! Or cutting yourself with hair. It’s bad, like paper cuts—aie, aie, aie!

Which celebrity is most in need of a wig?
Anna Wintour. I mean, I like the wig she has now. I think it’s amazing, but she could do it a bit blonder maybe?

Tell us about your biggest design challenge right now.
Every day is a challenge. I need to do better every day. But my next collection is the biggest challenge at the moment.

What’s harder, designing haute coiffure or womenswear?
Nothing is harder. You just need to enjoy what you do. It’s hard to work on something you don’t like.

What’s the worst hairstyle of all time?
Dreadlocks. They make me sick.

Who is your typical client?
Rich old golden ladies with blue rinses and ten cigarettes in their mouths.

Is there an etiquette when it comes to hair?
People should only wear Hairdreams extensions. Other extensions are not great!

What’s the most outrageous hairpiece you’ve ever designed?
None, they are all very commercial. I’m not a crazy designer and will never be. I don’t understand people doing crazy things. I need to sell my stuff, that’s why I’m normal. Ha, no! Maybe a wedding dress with a molded vagina on top of it?