Hooked: Givenchy for Converse

Not many hommes can pull off Givenchy’s leopard-print shoes for spring—well, unless you count Katt Williams (but really, who does?). Perhaps that’s why Riccardo Tisci collaborated with Converse for a more subtle version of the pimped out shoes. The Chuck Taylor high-tops feature the same leopard motif, except now a refined black-on-black, while Givenchy’s signature cross appears on the tongue and its famed studs run along the spine—just enough of the brand’s trademarks to be recognized as Givenchy.

Here’s the annoying part: the limited-edition sneaks are made exclusively for the Japanese market. But, as they’ll undoubtedly sell out the same day they go on sale (April 27), it’s not like you could get your mitts on them anyway.

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