Burberry’s Beijing Blowout

Buzz is building around Burberry’s blowout in Beijing. If that doesn’t twist your tongue, try wrapping your head around this…

  • Held April 13, it will be the largest show Burberry has ever staged, “celebrating British weather, fashion and music.” (Which means you can expect a repeat of runway rain.)

  • The event will take place at Beijing Television Centre on a 2000-square-meter sound stage, which broadcasts to over 90 million people each day.

  • British band Keane will play a live set, their first time in China.

  • Fashion’s fascination with holograms isn’t over yet. Extensive use of the technology will be employed in Beijing, combining live and virtual models for an immersive sensory experience.

  • The celebration marks the recent opening of Burberry’s most technologically advanced flagship, at Sparkle Roll Plaza in Beijing. Burberry already has 57 stores in China, with plans to double that number in the next few years. It’s a big country with a lot of people!

Check back for the livestream here…

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