Aymeline Valade’s Model Diary for Alexander Wang

As long as it doesn’t involve cotton ball-eating habits, we love watching model diary videos. We get to see how exquisitely, refreshingly normal they really are. And of course it allows us to live vicariously as a genetically gifted thing of beauty. So when Alexander Wang released his second installment of the label’s confessional video series with French model Aymeline Valade, who at one point talks to us in her pajamas before going to bed, we couldn’t help but watch it repeatedly, a disconcerting number of times.

At one point in the voyeuristic video, Aymeline—who opened the fall ’11 show and who’s the face of Wang’s first print campaign, appearing exclusively in the March issue of Interview—finds vomit on her lower Manhattan doorstep. Shrugging it off with aplomb, she simply says, “Oiiik. This is New York, thank you very much,” in a perfectly nonchalant French accent.

Let’s not fool ourselves. If you want to get into bed with a French model who whispers to you in a husky voice from doing who knows what the night before, this is probably the closest you’re going to get. Here’s the teaser video, or you can watch it in full at Alexanderwang.com.

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