We’re J’Loving…

…the explosion of moody, youthy imagery on the new-and-improved McQ website, most of which centers around sweet, unassuming English girls in their daily lives—not models, but nonetheless wearing McQ, Alexander McQueen’s second line. In one video, a girl named Hannah Noble cutely says, to a soundtrack by Creep, that werewolves are her biggest fear. While in several photos of Rory Manning, a goth-looking girl, we see her idly posing in her bedroom, surrounded by all the teenage accoutrements you’d expect: a butterfly collection, pictures on her vanity mirror, a hand-painted trunk.

Most recently, McQ has started featuring a series of photos taken by London-based photographer Niall O’Brien during a road trip across the American Northwest. The first photo has been released, at the top of the page, and it seems just as moody and youthy as the rest. We’re j’loving McQ’s soft, introspective new direction.

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