Alexander McQueen

Ridiculously Short Recap:
The spirit of Alexander McQueen was palpable in a collection inspired by his vision of aggressive fragility. Proving to be an unflinching creative chief, Sarah Burton brought all the poetry and pageantry of her former mentor to a fall collection, her second full outing, that was so hard and soft, so dark and light, it was hard to tell the difference. Then came a series of regal, blinding-white gowns that may have been a wink and a nudge to rumors that McQueen will dress a certain high-profile bride. If you thought Burton would keep traipsing down the earthy path she tiptoed into for spring, think again.

Random Thoughts:
Unmistakable McQueen hourglass silhouettes, ghostly white faces, shapes molded onto models’ bodies, lots of zippers and buckles yet no leashes, studded chokers and soft white ruffs, fur trims and tufts, play between black and white with washes of lavender, bondage couture, motorcycle reminiscent (perhaps payback to Hell’s Angels?), two dresses seemingly made out of shards of broken porcelain.

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