Ridiculously Short Recap:
For spring, Riccardo Tisci’s message was leopard, in various guises. For fall, it was the black panther, whose velvety visage appeared everywhere, on the fronts of (lots of) sweaters, grouped along the hem of skirts, and on actual velvet pieces. Other kitschy symbols making an appearance were 70s disco sensation Amanda Lear (who was in the audience) and 50s fetish queen Bettie Page. Given the black panther theme, we personally would have liked to Pam Grier, too, but that might have been overkill.

Random Thoughts:
Sound of a cat’s growl opens the show, stalking models, satin sweaters and varsity jackets, hats with triangle flaps like cat ears, shades of his Rottweiler-themed men’s collection, ghetto minimalism, blaxploitation, gold laurel silk prints à la Gianni Versace, black vinyl, tomboy, leather bomber, stealth, micro-skirts over black mesh, large fur-covered cat-eye glasses, purple orchid prints, feels like Prince should be here.

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