Gareth Pugh

Ridiculously Short Recap:
A pioneer of the fashion film, Gareth Pugh kept it real for fall, staging a runway collection (to the delight of sharp-eyed, fabric-obsessed editors), with complete-look leathers and float-on-air silks. Another surprise: a vibrant blue, then a goddess gold, that breathed life into Gareth’s traditionally all-black, Death Star color palette.

Random Thoughts:
Gothic samurai, crucifix, monks, molded leather, medieval, Joan of Arc, zippers everywhere, throbbing music, exoskeleton, female Stormtroopers, strange flared pants on guys, leather breastplate, amazing fur-lined cape, gloves, Druid super-villains, hoods on dresses, blue angels, gold body armor, unfortunate gold tunic one on beefcake model, spoils from a pharaoh’s tomb, hot sequin leggings, blinding lights.

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