John Galliano’s Other Stiletto Drops

John Galliano an anti-Semite? Say it isn’t so. After being suspended from Dior, John Galliano was quick to file a defamation suit against his accusers and provide witnesses to the contrary. But now the UK tabloid The Sun has its hands on what it says is a video of the designer mid-tirade, also at Le Perle cafe. While we didn’t want to jump to conclusions in the beginning, it’s a little hard to defend such clearly audible gems as “I love Hitler. People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be fucking gassed.” Who could have known his trademark tabloid motif, with its large headlines emblazoned in Time New Roman, would come to life like this?

Dior’s rush to suspend Galliano under the guise of a strict no-tolerance policy made us think this wasn’t the first time the issue has come up between Galliano and his bosses. And now it looks like the other stiletto has dropped. WWD reports today that another woman has stepped forward, claiming that Galliano used racial slurs against her in a separate altercation in October, again at Le Perle. It’s expected this new complaint will be addressed today when Galliano faces his first accusers in the same police station where he was carted off Thursday night. It could be known as early as today if the matter will be escalated and taken up by prosecutors.

Galliano’s fall collection for Christian Dior is less than a week away, with his own shortly after that, which raises a host of questions. Will the shows go on? What role will Galliano have, if any? Will the fashion community rally around their friend? Or will he be abandoned, like a sort of sartorial Mel Gibson? This is high drama for the fashion set. You can’t make this stuff up.

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