John Galliano Files a Defamation Suit

The Galliano saga continues—as drama-filled as his runway shows, but not nearly as satisfying. First, it seems the designer was not arrested following the altercation on Thursday evening, as reported. He simply cooperated with authorities and went to the police station to provide a statement following the heated exchange of words. The incident was allegedly escalated by the couple, who mistook Galliano for a vagrant, given his, shall we say, colorful sartorial choices. (If you’re polished up on your French, you can hear some of the testimony here.)

Galliano provided, in his defense, several eyewitnesses last night to refute the couple’s allegations that he flung racially tinged insults. Galliano is so up in arms that he’s filed a defamation suit against the couple. And he’s said to be shocked by his suspension from Dior, which, given the fact that no official charges have been pressed, does seem a little like a rush to judgment.

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