John Galliano Suspended from Dior

File this under clutch-pearls fashion news. The story is breaking today that John Galliano has been suspended from his duties as Dior Creative Director following an altercation last night that lead to a run-in with French authorities.

With body guard in tow, Galliano was dining at the trendy Marais café La Perle, where, according to those on the scene, an insult hurled from a couple at a nearby table quickly escalated into a heated exchange of words. Accusations have surfaced that John returned fire with numerous racial slurs too offensive to quote here (which is difficult to believe, given his embrace of multi-cultural show themes over the years). We will, however, repeat an insult apparently leveled at the woman for her choice of accessory. According to an eyewitness, Galliano said to her, bristling, “You’re ugly and you’re fucking bag is ugly too.”

Eventually the police were called. Galliano was arrested and taken to the police station, then taken to the hospital with a reported high blood-alcohol level. Dior confirmed this morning that the designer has been suspended pending further investigation. This comes just days before Galliano’s two Paris collections, Dior and his own. Here’s to a swift resolution to what we hope was a just case of diva antics gone terribly wrong.

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