For summer, with her flared jeans and cut-off cowboy boots, Thakoon’s girl was (un)dressed for a romp in a hayloft. For fall, she returned as a debutante in a regal updo and yards of acid yellow and coral taffeta.

But she’s far from stuffy. While the grand ballroom of the Plaza has seen its share of bustle skirts and lacquered hairstyles, the rich blue carpet, driving drum beat and dynamic color combos brought new energy. That updo is no simple chignon. Look again, it’s been basket-woven with bits of wooly Peruvian hats. Slinky ruched silk dresses, a Thakoon staple, were edged in shorn mink. Peplumed jackets were padded and came in jarring red-blue plaid. And those sweet cowboy boots from last season? They now came in cherry red and louche blue velvet. And while a printed puffer over a taffeta bustle skirt is probably not the look you’d choose for a run to Whole Foods, a Masai print mini-dress will surely make an appearance come fall charity season.

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