Rad by Rad Hourani

Few young designers today have a level of aesthetic discipline matching that of Rad Hourani. Self-taught, Hourani has been affording views of his singular universe since the inception of his label in 2007, creating minimal, almost all black clothes that conjure an asexual, aseasonal future and that, according to Hourani, “come from no place, no time, no tradition, yet could be home anywhere.”

For the third collection of his secondary line, Rad by Rad Hourani, he continued his adventures in proportion and silhouette, sending out a slick army of models in an array of garments that not only challenged the laws of convention, but in some cases those of gravity. Women and men—in heels and tights, mind you—marched to the experimental sounds of Mekele in architectural outerwear of extreme volume and structure. Attention was further brought to silhouette by the trompe l’oeil effect of what seemed to be additional garments attached to various ensembles, hanging off the torso with the help of straps at the shoulder.

It’s no doubt difficult to find new ways to translate an aesthetic season after season. Hourani has proven the broad expanse of his universe and the power of concept.

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