Givenchy Takes the Grammys

Lest you forget there’s life outside of Lincoln Center, the Grammys took place Sunday night, and the red carpet made its fair share of fashion splashes. But first, questions. Why is it that musical acts in the alternative or country category can’t dress? Also, is Katy Perry trying out to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Is that what those wings are for? And why does she insist on giving us a bad art-school performance involving all the beefy waiters from the local Chili’s?

With that out of the way, we’re happy to report the highlights, namely two daring chanteuses, both of whom tapped one mister Riccardo Tisci. Say what you will, but we’re still loving Nicki Minaj’s hair-to-toe leopard ensemble, courtesy of Givenchy couture. Goes to show that the spotted look is not a trend, but a lifestyle. And hats off to Florence Welch, who looked angelic in more hot-off-the-runway Givenchy couture. Seems the Givenchy gang is expanding with each awards show. Are you listening, Katy?

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