Timo Weiland

“Gloria Vanderbilt and Keith Richards go on a fictional trip to India during the colonial years,” said Timo Weiland, explaining the inspiration behind his fall collection. And what a disparate pair they turned out to be.

1960s Keith Richards was apparent from the get-go, in skinny trousers paired with turtlenecks or a trench coat with matching pants and desert boots. The rocker’s subversive style came through in a pair of glen-plaid longs that were cut off at the hem—perhaps the aftermath of a little too much subcontinental experimentation.

Those glen-plaid pants made it into the women’s too, with a black-and-white tuxedo stripe taken from the hide of a Himalayan animal—a gazelle? But where the men’s was cheeky, the women’s was polished and extravagant, much like Vanderbilt herself (you don’t become a pre-Internet style icon wearing blue jeans alone).

Colonial India could be seen in a vibrantly colored silk gown, bearing a print inspired by a snow-covered desert landscape. It wouldn’t have looked out of place at a monsoon wedding. Elsewhere, pretty young things kept their hands warm with purple fur muffs.

“Ms. Vanderbilt and I have mutual friends who told me all about her,” said Weiland after the show. “She’s in her 90s now. I find her so inspiring.” As for Richards, “He’s just so kooky and crazy.”

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