Lea T. Opens Up

We’re eagerly awaiting her grand debut on Oprah later this spring. In the meantime, we’re getting our Lea T. fix with the increasingly high-profile transgender supe’s other small-screen appearances. Hot on the heels of her double Love covers, one which finds her in a lip-lock with Kate Moss, Lea sat down with Models.com to give a peek behind the veil. Somewhat surprisingly, fashion’s latest glamour puss seems to be a humble gal, but one with enviable bone structure, a chic attitude and a few extra bits that haven’t prevented her from rising swiftly to front-page notoriety. Of course, even for a cover girl, it’s not always a walk in the park (she opens up about unfortunate run-ins on the subway), but she takes it all in stride, which makes her one awesome androgyne.

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