Elmgreen & Dragset Curate GAYHOUSE

Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, the artist duo behind Elmgreen & Dragset, quietly popped onto the scene when they opened a Prada boutique along a deserted road in the Texan town of Marfa. For 2012, they have plans to install a bronze sculpture on the famously empty fourth pedestal in London’s Trafalgar Square, offering comfort to Olympians, they say.

But at the moment, the German-Scandinavian couple have been invited to curate the second issue of GAYHOUSE, a quarterly review based in Paris in which artists and designers are asked to express their personal views of a gay identity. Ever-literal, Elmgreen & Dragset decided to portray sexy gay couples in domestic settings. You know, an actual gay house. It’s the kind of affirmative gay fantasy that promises to ignite dialogue about our perceptions of gay marriage and civil unions—namely, that a naked man looks great in an apron.

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