Cast of Vices Pill Pins

Remember that time you (allegedly) popped a Xanax and crashed out on a neighbor’s lawn, only to wake up sunburned and wearing strange underwear? And remember that other time you (allegedly) took a Klonopin on a plane and groped a steward?

Now you can relive each harrowing episode of dangerously erratic behavior with these pill pins from the Los Angeles-based jewelry label Cast of Vices. Made of sterling silver, they come in the shape of everyone’s favorite pharmies: Valium, Klonopin, Xanax, and Oxycontin (sold out)—and you don’t even need a prescription. Whether or not you condone their (ab)use, you have to admit they make for handsome ironic commentary on 21st-century life and recreation.


Details: Handmade in the USA, each pin is made of 100% sterling silver and comes with the packaging seen here. As always, we’re happy to tweet pictures of you and your purchase. Send us a question about this product.

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