Stockholm Fashion Week, Day 2

Perhaps inspired by all the dim winter light, the second marathon day of Stockholm Fashion Week was again dominated by vampiric shades of gray and black. This was the case at Local Firm, a consistently creative concept-driven line, taking cues from the art and design of the old Eastern Bloc. With their red-kohl eyes, models in quilted cardigans, knee-length cashmere dresses and layer upon layer of textured darks looked part creature of the night, part computer hacker. A multi-dimensional apron and black silk skinnies for men, and a sheer patchwork shell for women were more adventurous options.

Taking folk costumes as a starting point and incorporating Incan and African patterns, Noir&Blanc’s lively presentation of pantsuits, caped sweaters, and silk dresses was fueled by the best soundtrack of the day, a pounding mash-up of tribal and techno beats. Exaggerated, asymmetrical lapels, decadent black sequins and shoulder-less blazers offered more over-the-top elements. The sole hue of orange sienna was impressive in silk dresses, a draped blouse and dusted on the models’ eyes, some of whom were accessorized with a tribal stick earring.

At Berns Hotel, Thai meatballs and vegetables with “Sean Connery” sauce—the reason for its name eluding our waiters—were necessary nourishment heading into the evening shows, which included Cheap Monday, one of the better-known street brands to come out of Stockholm in the last few years. With a massive video screen on either side of an elevated runway, models stormed out in rubber, shiny vinyl, and signature high-waisted skinny jeans. Inspired by society’s dependence on technology, the pieces offered clothing options in the event robots take over—or, more positively, new-beginning scenarios. Although, it’s safe to assume if we get to that point, clothing may be optional.

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