YSL Ad Banned in the UK

A new year, a new ban of an ad. The culprit this time is the pseudo-provocative new TV spot for YSL’s Belle d’Opium fragrance, which features an interpretive modern dance by actress Melanie Thierry. During one of her more sensual twirls, she vaguely points to her arm and apparently that’s all it took to incense British morals. WWD reports that it only took 13 complaints for Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency to put the breaks on the commercial, yanking it from TV for allegedly alluding to drug use and “simulating the effects of drugs on the body.” Apparently, crack houses in the UK have much more glamorous interiors and live-in stylists. YSL has yet to respond, but we’re thinking the venerable house is getting shafted with the Footloose treatment. 

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